Monday, February 29, 2016

Wigs for Women's Cosplay Wig with Party Costume Hair Wigs (Purple)

About the Product

  • Wigs Material: High quality synthetic & 100% Japanese high-temperature resistance fibers
  • Wigs Wide Range of Uses: For costume, fashion, or just for fun. Adjustable net-cap and hooks fit most head size and allow you to adjust accordingly
  • Easy to Wash: Only a little shampoo is needed. Please wash it in cold water with care. It may be messy during the shipment, please groom it with the special wig comb when you receive it before using
  • Fashionable Style: Fashionable and stylish long wavy hair wig looks natural, real, very pretty. Choose your favorite color that match your complexion .It definitely bring you more confidence and more charm
  • Please Note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing. Package: 1pcs in a box with brand "Wdvalle" ; Length:70cm/28" ; Style: Cosplay Wig

Where can you get it.  HERE!!

Everybody keeps asking me where I got this pretty wig from.  Link is above.  It's very light weight.  It's very pretty.  It's easy to manage.  Some wigs I have tried get knotted up really bad.  This one I am able to run my fingers through it.  It feels like real hair.  It also does not heat my head up.  It does come with a stocking cap that comes in handy.  My real hair is growing like crazy.  It's a very well made wig and lots of fun.  So, now you know my secret to where I got it.  Enjoy!

  I just love the color on it.  It has an ambre affect going on.  :)  I'm very happy with it.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hot item for Christmas!!!

Christmas is almost here.  You don't have but a couple weeks of shopping left.  One item my 6 year old nephew wanted was a leggo table.  I had no idea what one was.  I talked to my mother about it and she was like it would help keep his brother that is 2 from eating all the legos.  I did some hunting.  And I have to brag.    I searched on amazon until I seen  This sold by FightBack For Autism.

I talked to the seller about the table.  I have found out that they support people with autism and the money goes to the organization.  Not only does the money from the tables go there.  They also work with disabled veterans.  They package the boxes they ship out every day.  What a great way to give back.  I'm so proud of the work they do there.  I just want to tell everybody.

It's also a great table and my nephew is having a great time with it.

My nephew Karson is 6. He has adhd. He is very smart and has a hard time paying attention. He had gotten one of those small lego sets that you buy at the store. It has the pictures in so he could figure it out. He's just now learning to read. He's in first grade. He has no problem putting these things together. He was so focused on it. It seemed to calm him down and he stayed so focused on it. He had it put together in just a few minutes. I had no idea what a lego table was. 

 There was a lot of bubble wrap on them and very secure in the box it came in. It was taped up tight. That was fun getting it out of the box. Karson helped me all the way to the end. I just had to remind him what we were doing.

This table comes with a top that has a smooth surface for cleaning. It was so easy to put together Karson helped. It has a double sided screw that goes into the leg and you just use some elbow work to get it in. Very easy. I was thinking that is all. I really thought there would be more to it. The table is very sturdy. Karson's 2 year old brother Konnor sat on it to try it out. We had fun putting the table together. Got some muscles.

The legs are very sturdy and not wobbly. We did an earthquake check just to make sure. I also loved the felt on the bottom of the legs. Konnor's mom was relived with it also she has wooden floors. They scratch so easily. It was a nice added bonus to the table.

Karson had a bucket of leggos, big legos to small. He even had some duplex. I put them all on the table to make sure they all fit. I took my fingers and did a test. They were all stable on the table. They did not budge. Karson is very thankful for his table. It helps contain the legos. His brother is still learning not to stick things in his mouth and ears. This will help control it some and he can play with them to.

The table is a great size. I fit at it and I'm the biggest. :) Karson fit it just well sitting or on his knees like I was doing. Or he could get a chair and sit next to it. Konnor can stand up to it. He could also sit in a chair with it. They both have wild imaginations and I see them spending a lot of time at the table. I have no doubt that it will last a long time and I see it growing with them.

We would also like to take a minute and thank you all for putting together a great table that is making two little boys very happy. It's going to help with their mind development and imagination.  Please check out the video Karson worked hard on it.  He thinks he's a movie star now.  Thank You.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Great find on amazon. Love this product.

Color:Body Puff + Facial Cleansing Pad

The problem with mesh shower puffs, bath sponges, loofahs, facial sponges:

1.Becomes a mess after a a short period.

2.Seems cheap upfront, but expensive when you need to replace it every month.

3.Doesn't exfoliate well.

4.Doesn't dry or clean up properly. Breeding ground for bacteria.

Here's what we did


Our patented body sponge puff is designed to outlast any competitor sponge,

 mesh ball or loofah cloth.

Shower balls are cheap items that we don't think about. But it gets so

 annoying when only after a few uses, it start falling apart and you have to go and 
buy another one.

Not anymore.

☆The Best Natural Facial Cleansing Pad for Men and Women☆

You can now exfoliate and cleanse gently with fantastic results. Your new exfoliating pad 

will clear pores and gently wash away dead skin, makeup, whiteheads, blackheads 
and acne. Get the baby soft and smooth skin you deserve.


Instead of cluttering your home and storing up piles of shower balls, a single bath

 puff from The Crown Choice will outlast all those shower poufs combined.

Most of our customer use each bath shower sponge for 1 year on average.


Gently wash and scrub away dead skin, whiteheads, remove blackheads, makeup,

 toxins and impurities. The natural woven fibers will gently exfoliate leave your skin
 looking brighter and more youthful.

I Love this Product.  I just had to share it. Check it out here.

I have to have allergy shots. I'm allergic to almost everything. But the shots are making a rash on my elbow. It itches like crazy. It gets worse each week. I have to have the shots each week and it's always a stronger dose. My cream has not been working today. It's really bad. I got this in the mail. I'm so thankful it came. I'm about ready to claw my elbow to death. This bath sponge exfoliates and smooths the skin. It has these little ruff patches on it. It works really great for scratching that spot. It felt so good. I used it all over my body and it gave me such a relief. It lathered really fast and had bubbles in no time. It made my skin silky soft and smooth. Works great on the rough heals to. This is made very different than any other poof out there. This one does more than clean you it gets the dead skin off revealing your new skin underneath. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has skin issues. Or just wants a really great relaxing shower. It massages as your washing. I did get this at a discount for a honest review.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Review Site!!!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers & 24 Chalkboard-Style Stickers!

In search of amazing art supplies for children crafts? Your search is over! Our Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers will give you and your children hours of creative fun.
Here are five reasons you're going to love your Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers:
✔ Non-toxic and odorless so you won't have to worry about these liquid chalk markers triggering allergies or asthma, or stinking up your home.
✔ Enjoy an 8-pack of vibrant colors and let your creativity run free.
✔ Water-based and so easy to clean! Just write on any non-porous surface (we suggest you test a small area before use) and wipe away with a damp cloth!
✔ Built-in reversible tip: Use the bullet tip for fine lines and detail work and the chisel tip to color large spaces in a hurry!
✔ FREE bonus set of 24 chalkboard-style stickers to get your creative juices flowing!
Order today completely RISK FREE!
Order your very own set of Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers now with complete confidence because your purchase is backed by a 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lucentee® Large Ice Ball Maker - Silicone Ice Ball Mold That Creates 4x2" Ice Balls - Perfect Ice Spheres For Whiskey Lovers

  • COOL DOWN THE COOL WAY - Lucentee XL Ice Ball Maker Mold Gives You Perfect 4 x 2 Inch (5.1cm) Ice Balls Every Time! The Best Way to Improve Your Cocktails Or Non Alcoholic Beverages. Our XL Ice Ball Maker Mold Can Be Used To Make More than Just Ice Balls. How about Wonderful Ice Cream Balls & Chocolate Balls For Dessert?? Or Even Frozen Yogurt Balls or Fruit Juice Ice Balls for Hot Summer Days?
  • THE SCIENCE - Round Ice Balls Melt Slower than Ice Cubes, Meaning Your Ice will Last Longer than Usual. You'll Always Be Prepared for all Types of Parties, Holidays Or Unexpected Guests!
  • AMAZE FAMILY AND FRIENDS WITH A SPARKLING ICE SPHERE FLOATING IN THEIR DRINK! Add Instant Style To Your Whiskey, Cocktails And Non Alcoholic Drinks With A JUMBO 2.5" Ice Sphere. Fun and Sophisticated, Round Ice Balls are Frequently Used In Upscale Restaurants and Bars.
  • LUCENTEE'S GUARANTEE - If You're Not 100% Happy with your Ice Ball Maker Mold then Simply Return It. No Questions Asked, 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee! Click The Yellow "ADD TO CART BUTTON" and Start Making Ice the Cooler Way, Today!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - This Ice Ball Maker Mold is both FDA Approved and BPA Free making it the safest way to make Ice Balls from the Comfort of Your Own Home! The Ice Mold itself is Extra Thick And Durable meaning it Will Make Ice Balls for a Long Time to Come! Whilst being a strong Silicone Ice Ball Mold, it's also Flexible Allowing for Easy Release of the Ice Balls. This Compact Round Ice Molds Fits In Tight Freezers Easily and the Flat Bottom has been Designed to Ensure Ice Mold Won't Tip Over in Your Freezer!

                                         Great for the pool side

Sipping on Wine.

Ok, before you even start to fill this up read the directions. I was looking for a funnel. Why, because I didn't read the directions. You just pull it apart add water then you put the other part back on and stick it in a freezer. You do not need a funnel. Spears don't melt as fast so my wine is not watered down. Very pliable so stick it on a plate so you don't make a mess. Very easy to use and clean up is a breeze. It's easy to get them out. It's also cool looking great for entertaining. It's a good size ball. I could fit several in a glass of wine maybe one or two if it's a whisky glass. Would be great in a picture of lemonade by the pool. I think this is a really great product. It's made very well. I also got this at a discounted price for a honest review. Now I'm ready to plan my next party or drink more wine.

How you do it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LiteFuze Mosaic Glass Rechargeable Solar Lamp Outdoor Garden Light

Get it here at a great price

Features exquisite hand-blown glass jar with a mosaic pattern.The solar mosaic is beautiful in daylight, and it charges with a solar panel.At night, the flameless LED turns on automatically and radiates a spectacular warm glow.The solar mosaic jar provides soothing mood lighting both indoors and outdoors.Beautiful cool tones radiate off of the mosaic globe solar jar, perfect for any place in the house, including the patio, or bedroom. Solar Panel: 0.24 W Battery: 1 PCS 600mAh Ni-cd battery LED: 3 PCS 0.06W LED Material: 95%mosaic glass,4%ABS,1% Steel Diameter of solar panel: 6 cm Diameter of glass: 13 cm Night Auto-sensor switch; on/off main switch Specifications: > Light Wattage(in W): 0.18 > Solar Panel Wattage(in W): 0.24 > Material: 95%mosaic glass,4%ABS,1% Steel > Night Auto Sensor Switch > Battery: 1 PCS 600mAh Ni-cd battery;

My mom lives 5 feet away from me. We have been working hard in the yard. It gets pretty dark at night even with the spot light on in the corner of my yard with her being on the other side. I'm always looking some creative fun way to use neat stuff in the yard. This one looks pretty plus it can guide me at night to her house or on my way home. It is a pretty piece to add to your yard. It gives off a pretty red light and during the day time while it's charging in the sun the sun beams glisten on the globe creating this neat light that goes through the cracks of it. It's whimsical. I just love it. I'm so glad I was given this at a discount to leave a honest review. Now I can find my way in the dark without batteries and keep my yard looking nice. It's also very easy to use. You just turn it on and it charges during the day when it's night it glows bright.